In the section are collected Bitcoin taps with payments to the popular micro-wallets FaucetHub and FaucetSystem. These are working high-profit cranes. Every day we try to add new resources for earning. The full list of cranes is updated once a month, usually at the end of the month. Cranes are sorted according to the interval of distribution of satos. To search for a particular crane, use the search bar at the top of the table. Click "Next" to continue viewing. When visiting cranes with immediate payments, pay attention to their balance (may be empty). Some of them allow you to accumulate Satoshi, and then output in manual mode.

Premiun - cranes working for a long time with good payment;
30000 - the minimum threshold for the payment of 30,000 satoshi;
FaucetHubXapo FaucetSystem Direct -  wallets, which are paid by satoshis;
Solve Media Captcha Me GeeTest Captcha reCaptcha Antibot - defensive captcha and anti-bots;
PopUp - pop-up ads;
Shorte Link - viewing ads with a shortened link;
Games Lottery  - availability of games on the crane and other;
Registration - the tap requires registration;
35% - referral commission.
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